Monday, October 8, 2012

Yogasanas to gain muscle strength

Yogasanas is not only meant to lose weight, it can also help to gain muscle strength by poses which  controls the hyper activity of organs causing weight loss and maintains metabolism rate! Here are some yoga poses which helps you to gain more muscles.

Shoulder Stand - Lie flat on ground with your palms pressed on your sides and bring your knees to chest. Now elevate your back to 90 degree and straight your knees! This inverted posture controls thyroid gland functions which contributes to weight loss and it strengthens the core abs, thighs, back and arm muscles. 
All inverted postures like headstand, shoulder stand, dolphin etc helps in increasing the circulation and building muscle mass.

Tree pose - Standing with one leg balancing entire weight strengthens that leg and increases abdominal muscle activity in digestive problems. Stand straight, bend your right leg and place it on left leg knee, keep your hands close on chest. Repeat it with other leg too!  Effective functioning of abdominal muscle helps in digestion and increased nutrition supply for more power. More poses which works on abs are forward bend, twists, camel pose etc.

Practice Agni sara to improve digestion and increasing appetite - stand with your feet at shoulder width apart, bend your knees, place your hand on thighs. Keep your back straight, now breath in deeply and exhale out fully. When exhaled fully, contract your abs in and out as much count as possible! Has greater effect on your abs muscles. It may be hard initially but practice makes it perfect.

Poses to have firm butt are balancing table pose, downward dog pose, locust pose, bridge pose and high lunge pose which also strengthens the core and leg muscles. 

Poses to stretch your back muscles helps you to relieve back pain and also helps abs. Hold in each and every yoga poses for 2-3 min with controlled breathing. 

Warrior I pose - to strengthen your butt, thighs and calves. Keep one foot infront of you and other behind you. Bend your front knee and keep your hands close above your head.  There are also many other poses to strengthen leg muscles are triangle pose, celibacy pose and many other variations in warrior pose.

To build muscle mass and strength through yoga asanas, 

  • Do not have fast transition in going to next poses. Do it slowly with keen concentration on your breath.
  • For muscle mass and strength choose poses like which makes you lift all your weight and balancing.
  • poses supporting abs muscles helps in digestive function, for you to have efficient utilization of energy from foods.
  • Have enough rest and foods to do those poses. For to increase muscle mass, do not do it regularly, have some gap. Stay in each poses for 2-3 min max, with controlled breathing.
  • Some poses requires hard balancing,  if you have spine problems, sciatia etc, consult your doctor before doing it. 

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