Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tips to treat Obesity

Obesity, excessive body fat accumulated in our body which affects our health process and increases healthy life risks. 

Body Mass Index (BMI), compares your height and weight, if your BMI range is between 25 and 30Kg/m2 is overweight and obese if it is higher than 30Kg/m2. Check your BMI range, in this site below applications.

Causes for Obese:
1. Having more foods than your body can use.
2. Hot drinks.
3. Laziness and too much of rest.
4. Heredity and other genetic factors.
5. As side effects of medication such as antidepressants and antipsychotic medicines.
6. Disabilities.
7. Obese lifestyle.

Treatments for Obesity:
1. Weight loss drugs such as subutramine (meridia) and xenical, consult your doctor before going for these.It helps you to reduce your weight upto 5-10 pounds.

2. Weight Loss surgery, if morbidly obese and do not able to reduce your weight by exercise and diet. The surgeries are,

  • Laparascopic gastric banding- a band will be placed at upper part of your stomach, which limits the amount of food you can have.
  • Gastric bypass surgery - limits your stomach and intestines food handling capacity.

3. To prevent being obese, follow healthy diet schedule daily.

4. Exercise or any other physical activities to balance your work and food.

5. Reduce junk foods and hot drinks.

6.Change your lifestyle, to be fit and healthy.


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