Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tips to treat Negative Thoughts

The main reason for people to avoid you is may be due to your negative thoughts and thinking, which makes you to bring or make something wrong on them. There is no primary source for negative thoughts, it all depends  upon our behaviors and attitudes of you! Either by knowingly or unknowingly we use to do something which gives immense pleasure to us and harm to others.

 Negative thoughts are not a disease or infection it just an disorder which can be overcome by changing our attitudes and do not need any medication unless it is too much! Here are some tips that helps you to overcome this problems,

1. If any negative thoughts or thinking comes into your mind, do not listen to it, just stay calm and try to divert it or keep it as it is. It itself will go off when you didn't listen to it and being calm!

2. Do not get addicted to any drugs, alcohols, maesturbation etc which gives you mental relaxation, at the same time it also triggers some bad thoughts in your mind. 

3. Try to meditate or yoga or exercise which diverts your mind into a different world and gives you some peace in your mind and relaxation.

4. Try to stay away from bad peoples and negative environments.

5. Do not get tensed often, take everything ease and lightly which indirectly reduces your negative thoughts and behaviors.

6. Too much of courage and jealous is also a reason for negative thinkings. There are many sources like this, if we try to figure it out we can solve our life problems very easily.

7. Listen to good movies and songs which gives you some positive thoughts and right attitudes.

8. Have a break between your routine works and life schedule, enjoy by going to some villages, gardens, or any other pleasant environments.

9. Do not think about anything too much which may be pleasant and nice in initially but later it will go wrong.

10. Our mind virtually creates a platform of what we see and what we thinking, and makes us to play in it.
Do not play in those platform, 9 out of 10, we will go wrong and fail. Just skip those things and go for some other works or plays. Share your happiness and worries everything with your loved ones or the person you trust the most!

11. Follow this mantra, " I am good, I will be good and everything will be good for me" by actor superstar Rajnikanth , it really works and do not test it, testing it also an bad thought. What we think, is what happens everytime. So think positive everytime and enjoy your life. Above all, no need to worry

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