Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yoga Asanas To Open Root Chakra

Muladhara (The Root Chakra) - Located at the base of spine which is response for feeling secure,safe and connecting you to the earth. Its also said that root chakra carries our ancestral memories.Root chakra is the base and foundation for all other 6 chakras. If your root chakra is closed, then you may feel insecure, nightmares and fear. Physically its associated with our reproductive glands and controls spine, back,hip and legs.  So its necessary to tune your root chakra to live on this earth. 

Yoga Asanas which helps in opening root chakras are, 


Virabhadrasanas 1,2 and 3


Janu Sirsansana 




Root Chakra Affirmations:

I feel deeply rooted.
I am connected to my body.
I feel safe and secure.
Just like a tree or a star, I have a right to be here.
I stand for my values, for truth, and for justice.
I have what I need.
I am grounded, stable, and standing on my own two feet.
I nurture my body with healthy food, clean water, exercise, relaxation, and connection with nature.
I am open to possibilities.
I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to grow and transform.
I trust in the goodness of life.
I make choice that are healthy and good for me.
I trust myself.
I love life.

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