Sunday, April 24, 2016

Does Exercise Reduces Stress Factor ?

Yes it is! GYM Exercise or any kind of physical activity when you do it with concentration, your mind will be diverted from all confusions you had over the day and focuses you on the activity. 
This diversion helps in calming your mind, when your mind is calm things will be clear and you will feel relaxed and stress free. But how does this diversion reducing the stress, its all because of 
the balancing of stress hormones. Exercise helps in increasing the release of endorphins which are called as feel good neurotransmitters. These endorphins leads to enhancement of immune system, different sex hormones which helps in fighting stress. 

Not only exercise when you do anything which makes you feel good will increase the endorphins and reduces the stress. Watching movies, dancing, singing, trekking, travelling, different fitness workouts, speaking to your good friend etc. many ways to feel free and relaxed depends on how you enjoy it with full concentration on it. For me writing  this post to you buys me endorphins. Life is not meant to live on stress alone. Put confusing thoughts away for a while, everything will be fine. Share your favourite way to reduce stress for others in comments. 

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