Friday, October 12, 2012

World birth rate will decrease?

Following is an article from a conversation had with my friend a month before! About what's would  the reason and why the world birth rate will decrease in future, once we were training in gym talking about supplements ended up in this topic!  

In 2012 the average global birth rate was 19.15 births per 1,000 total population, compared to 19.95 per 
1,000 total population in 2009, a 0.48% and 20.43 per 1,000 total population in 2003.

Why the rate is decreasing, probably following would be the reasons for it,

  • Youth losing interest in sex
 Some getting addicted to alcohols, smoking, dangerous drugs etc, thinking that is the ultimate happiness in life!  Some interested in doing great things in life, do want to get engaged in a normal life!  Some getting addicted to masturbation losing interest in actual sex due to some physical and mental reasons. And drugs making them weak! They should be warned and guided in normal ways. Boys and girls should understand, respect each other and to know their limits in life! 

  • One for One
A girl for a A boy is the actual procedure, but now they do not have that! They can have many in their life, leading to misappropriate sex and sexually transmitted disease etc. A family should consist only one father and a mother and lots of children, a happy family is ultimate happiness and leads to successful life!  A bad life is a short life, aware of it! 

  • Less count
In many countries, there are actually less girls for more boys. What we can do on that! no solution for it yet! but in some countries there are many girls for less boys, probably it may help! But they should have broad mind thinking out of box, understanding their nature and behavior, moving life ahead with them! 

  • Impotent
Its not actually a problem now a days! There are many medical advancements to help them a lot! They should also be ready to give life many orphans babies! Really the most hardest thing in the world, they are the most precious gift and stars of the world left with none, may you be the sun in their life! A good family is not only in good numbers, it also should have good thoughts and emotions etc. 

The above is not only the reason for our birth rate decreasing, there are many with many solutions! Leave that in our comments box with its solutions and let the world know it!  Lets create a Healthy and Fitty World!

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