Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Different Bodybuilding Workout methods

There are many workout methods to pump muscle mass. What we would actually in most of gym, is going for more weights for more muscles! Its not only the way, there are also many other ways to get that! And its advice by many professional bodybuilders like arnie, haney that we have to train our muscles in many different ways in order to get effective results instead of following a same set regularly! Following different workouts doesn't mean that you are out of track, its like giving muscle tension to ultimate, to pump it more! And Its necessary to change your workout routine every 6 weeks. 

Progressive Overload - doing each sets from lighter weight to heavy weights with constant reps! For every beginner, this method is very necessary to build up muscle mass initially! this is followed by most of professional bodybuilders still! A very basic method should be followed regularly! 

Superset - In order to reduce the workout time and at the same time to pump up muscle, superset are followed! It involves training two or more muscle at a cycle without rest. Like training chest and back, legs and hamstring, shoulders and arms etc  alternatively without any rest. This is one of Arnie secret! 

Giantset - It involves multiple different sets to train a particular muscle per day with moderate weights and rest less than a minute! For example, for trice it involves close grip bench press, cable pushdown, kickbacks, one arm dumbbell etc all together a giant set for trice! similarly for each and every muscles! 

Strip Method - its opposite to progressive overload method, from heavy weights to lighter weight constant reps for each set with no rest or gap, giving continuous stress on muscle for effective pumping followed by Arnie! For example, for bice, using barbell starting with 20kg with 5-6 reps, next with 15kg with same reps, similarly upto 5kg without any gap! 

Pump method - It involves combining heavy sets like deadlift, squats (less reps 5-6) with many bodyweight movements like pushups and pullups ( high reps 8-12). Combination depends on training a particular muscle like pullups and deadlift for back muscle, squats and jumping jack for legs etc. All you need to concentrate is on effective pumping of particular muscle being workout! 

Wave method - Heavy weights with less reps triggers more muscle when it is followed by a gap with  weight lesser than that weight with higher reps brings up ultimate pumping of muscles! For example, do deadlift  150kg with reps 3-4 reps, rest for 2 to 3 min, then you can lift 100 kg with higher reps easily,  since we triggered muscle for 150kg! In next cycle, increase the weight from 150 to 170 or as you wish like that try to go for effective pumping for each and every muscles! 

Partial method - lifting heavy weights partially do not requires full moves, for example doing bench press with shorter distance and not from chest to full hand stretch! But to pump muscle we need to go for heavy weight in this method! 

Pre-exhaust method - This is followed in most of our workout routine, mixing isolation exercise with compound exercise. Isolation exercise, a workout that trains only one muscle like dumbbell chest fly which pumps only chest muscles. Compound exercise , a workout that trains two or more muscles while training another muscle as an bonus! like incline bench press trains both chest and triceps too when it is followed 
by isolation exercise dumbbell chest fly since the chest muscle would be tired of pump at that time your trice will help to finish the reps! 

Forced reps - Completing the constant reps followed even with heavy weights with the help of your partner! And it is essential to fail in gym, in order to win outside! If you fail with heavy weights for first time, it triggers your muscle to pump more to lift that weight and next time when you do, i promise you can lift that weight if you train yourself hard! 

Eccentric contractions - It requires a partner with you! While lifting heavy weights for example doing bench press, bring the weight slowly to chest as slow as you can since the weight is more and then call your partner to return the weight to initial position!  The slow control of weight over your chest, stretches the muscle more! But do only with heavy weight, controlled moves and safely with a partner! Eccentric refers to moves slowly down ( negative ) and concentric refers to moves slowly up ( positive) reps.

Twenty One - Dividing a set with full range of move into 3 parts with partial range of move within the same set each with 7 reps ( 3 x 7 =21) For example, doing barbell curl for bicep  divided into 3 parts with partial moves of 7 reps, a rep from starting point to midway, followed by a rep from midway to finish point, then a rep with full range of move to end it! 

Many method are developed as per they want to do the sets! But it should trigger more muscles and well planned to train each and every muscles! Do not follow same sets for more than 6 weeks, switch to different form of workout routine to entertain your muscle! 

It is necessary to fail in gym with heavy weights, do it safely and give full dedication and concentration to each and every workout you do! Love your workouts and enjoy, relax your mind do not get loaded with many thoughts, keep it cool! 

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