Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Different types of yoga

Yoga an ultimate way of bringing co-ordination between your mind and body! It is followed in different styles based on its beneficial results of each and every poses may vary from country to country as per their Guides.Yoga originated in India before 3000 BC, the word yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word 'Yuj' or 'to link'. The different styles of yoga poses are followed, choose yourself as per your physical and mental conditions! 

Hatha Yoga - 'Ha' refers to force driving the physical body and 'tha' refers to mental force, helps in cleaning the mind and body circulation. Its focused on balancing strength and flexibility, co-ordination, enables muscular, skeletal and nervous system to work efficiently! Good for beginners to do breathing, make moves slowly and apt poses! 

Bhakti Yoga - a complete devotion to god, by praying, singing, chanting etc. It helps in having complete faith on god! 

Raja Yoga - poses which helps in human behavior and personality, making him/her as  an unique individual. It involves all meditation,breathing, and poses to unite mind and soul.  It reduces mental stress and helps to think clearly.

Jnana yoga -a higher state of meditation to attain true knowledge and wisdom, the most hardest path to get it! Only a sincere and serious devotee of yoga can go for these poses! Should have ultimate control over your mind, thinking beyond universe! 

Karma yoga - devoting yourself to a work or action which can be an benefit to other or only to you. Always follow good karma which helps others and acting indeed! Do not be selfish, by following bad karma which will lead you in bad paths! 

Mantra yoga - yoga poses which includes any mantras or sounds to bring concentration. It helps in reducing the stress and anxiety, by diverting your mind and soul by pronouncing and listening to those mantras! 

Tantra yoga - to expand all state of consciousness helping to live a better life. To identify all our emotions, feelings, thoughts etc which may be the reasons for many problems in your life! It helps you to live life with unfading love and happiness! 

Kundalini yoga - poses that awakens all chakras or psychic centers in our body. There are six main chakras in our body. Kundalini helps in supplying our body with more energy from those chakras with increased consciousness. 

Nada yoga - a music therapy, making sounds or vibration from a thread tied often seen in my temples singing devotional songs, and  in recreational functions helps in reducing our mental stress and anxiety! 

Iyengar yoga - poses with many props like straps, chairs, sticks etc to aid physical ailments, also good for physical health and mental stress relief! 

Ashtanga yoga - also called as power yoga, brings you ultimate fitness! Poses with breath control helps physical, mental strengthening! 

Bikram yoga - a series of 26 yoga poses, should be done in a hot room which makes you to sweat more and it stretches your muscles more and helps in strengthening of muscles and effective blood circulations.

Kriya yoga - movements to activate consciousness. Avoids mental fluctuation and thoughts. Followed by many actors like rajnikanth, other professional to control their mind in their field! 

Vinyasa yoga - a fast form of yoga, switching to many new poses increases concentration, helps in aiding physical and mental health & fitness followed by many Americans! 

Swara yoga - a complete of breathing, requires a conscious breathing through each nostril and to block all your thoughts. Breathing exercise is an simple and effective to  relieve daily mental stress! Follow it regularly! 

Anusara yoga -  Its a form of hatha yoga, to bring mind peace, to help your heart, and to increase strength and flexibility! It requires doing poses with Attitude, Alignment and Actions. 

Anti gravity Aerial yoga - doing poses in hanging hammock, its a combination of pilates, calisthenics and dance moves to  aid ultimate fitness! 

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