Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Stop shivering

Every normal human being has some reflex actions to protect their body against the environmental changes or things that harms, like your leg kicks when your doctor taps your knee with a rubber hammer, eyelids closes suddenly when any foreign substances tries to reach your eye, coughing, sneezing, etc. 

Reflex actions are controlled by nervous system connecting nerves all around the body. Shivering is also an reflex action, When your body temperature feels below 98.6 Fahrenheit  (37'Celsius ) when you dove in swimming, during winter etc, nerves sends signals to brain and makes the muscles to get tighten and releases to warm up! teeth chattering, goosebumps, that's what we call as shivering!  Hypothermia is the fatal condition when we feel extreme cold. 

  • How to get warm up to stop shivering, when we feel so cold!  - 

After swimming, if it colds more have some steam bath or snug and cozy using your towel to get warmed up! 

Getting warm up means increasing your blood circulation to maintain the body temperature, do some exercise like push ups, pull ups or rotating your hands, jumping will help you! 

  • To Stop shivering when you fear! 
Feeling fear when you make any presentation, or being in a place, to meet anyone! Its depends on your self confidence to do anything! Need to have some good attitude before doing anything! 

If you are about to make any presentation, tell your mind that nobody knows anything, your are the only one to know and explain to them in right way and doesn't matters whatever happens!  Breath deeply and have plenty of water without knowing to them! Have a lot of practice and be prepared! 

Afraid to dare with anyone, get yourself held to something, divert your mind or divert them, be smart and if it goes too bad, call for help! 

Do not give up for small! 

  • Shivering due to disorders or diseases
Needs medical attention, but you can control it by getting yourself held to something, or practice stitching and embroidery works will help you! Do not be afraid, come out, speak out and make your own color!  Its not only stop shivering, but also aids to cure your health! 


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