Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ways to help Visually challenged people

There are many ways to make a visually challenged people to live life of their own, To help them to walk, read, write, and all what a normal man can do except the vision to see! But they need someone to guide them for few days to use those technologies and facilities available. Here are some that you can do for them,

A folded long cane  with a red strip will help them to walk away from obstacles to go to any location. The Swinging motion of cane can help them to find the objects on their path and move in right directions. Instead of cane, a pet dog will also help him a lot by taking a walk with it.  To go to any specific place or locations, a talking mobile phone with GPS facility are available, which will guide them to any place they want to!
Walking guide

For blind people to walk rightly on rooms or roads etc, tactile pavings, a dotted texturing on paths directing to a place or room. Many countries have textured this facility to guide them  on roads, railway platforms, to hospitals etc. Talking books, reading machines to make them to read any books or any information. 
Road for blinds

Languages for blind people, Braille language - consists of six embossed dots and  by moving finger to draw specific codes on those dots to write 26 letter of english alphabets. Which helps them to type any information and to publish by softwares to convert those dots into audios.  These dots are now in found in many menus, to access any buttons,  using computers,  currency notes, to read any objects name etc. 

Like this there are many languages available such as Decapoint, Moon Type, New York Point, Night writing, tactile alphabet, and vibratese. 

Braille Technology - enhancing the life of visually challenged people by introducing many new technologies to help them, Some of the products are,

  • Braille e-book - to write and read any books.
  • Perkins Brailler - typewriting machine for blinds consist of six keys for six dots on braille codes, a space key, a line key and others are same as in normal typewriting machine.
Braille type

  • Brailler embosser - to print any documents in braille codes stamped on papers. Blind people by moving their fingers on those dots to retrieve any informations.
  • Braille refreshable displays - informations are converted into braille codes and passed to a braille refreshable displays. A system scans those dots and it can be produced on monitors. 
  • Braille Watch - watch with embossed dots instead of numbers displays. Both analog and digital watches are available. Digital watches are talking watch. 
  • Slate and Stylus - writing tool for blind people to write anything!
Daniel Kish

Human echolocation -  a echolocation is a technique used by bats to determine any objects or obstacles in front of it by raising a sound and determining it by its echo reflection from those objects without eyes. 
This techniques is helpful for blind people to walk on their own by practicing echolocation. DanielKish is the foremost expert of human echolocation helping many people all around the world!

Help blind people by guiding them in a right path, they are also one of us! Above all those helps, the best help you can give them is by donating your eyes after your death. You can light a candle in their life!

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