Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get Six packs with heavy foods

It is not necessary  to skip meals or to avoid water to get six packs. You can get it by changing your food style and you have to hit the gym. Weighted and regular abs crunching workout will help you to get six pack in 3 to 4 months, the time depends how much intense you do the workouts without any rest between the each exercises! All bodybuilders having six packs use to eat 6-7 meals per day, but they measure each and every foods they have like how much calories, carbohydrates, fat intake per day! and avoiding more fatty foods and sugars which will add more extra calories.

Foods you can have,

  • White Rice
  • Fibre based foods
  • Meats, chickens and sea foods.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Butter milk & Curds
  • Protein shakes.
Avoid foods like,
  • more fatty foods
  • junk foods
  • Deep fried foods and snacks.
  • More sweets and sugars.
You can have 3-5 meals or more per day. But you have to burn out the calories, fats, carbohydrates gained by those foods otherwise it will lead to over weight or obesity.

You have to do workout till you run out of energy. Once you are nil, at the time only to supply energy our enzymes convert the fats into energies!

To get six abs, you can go for weighted abs crunches. Instead of doing manual leg raise, seated crunches, using abs machines with weights to crunch your abs will help you, with no need to skip any meals! You can buy those machines or join nearby gym.

Follow the set of abs exercise with 30 sec or less than a minute rest between each exercise, for at least half an hour per day, do it daily! 

Weighted cable Crunches - Sit on your ankles and push down the cable to touch the ground, giving more stress on abs muscles!

Seated abs crunches - In seated abs crunching machine, hold the handle on your shoulders and crunch your abs with weights!

Hanging leg raise - Hanging on a bar with your hands, fold your knees and bring it upto your chest and get back slowly!

Leg raise - lie on a flat surface and keep your feet together. Raise your legs together upto 90 degree to ground and bring back slowly!

Twisting with cane - Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width apart, hold the gym cane on your shoulders, with your head and legs to face straight, twist your chest to left and right. 

Do the above sets continuously and rest at the end of each cycle. Repeat the cycle for 3 -4 times, with each sets of 15-20 reps. And you have to do it regularly 3-4 times in a week.

With constant thirst and patience, you have to do it regular since it will take more time to six abs naturally! Appreciate yourself when you can see any slight changes in abs and do more!

Other than regular workouts, you should also try jogging and swimming once in a week!

The more you workout, more change you can have in your abs!

Check this video, Arnie continously do abs exercise for 25 mins without rest, 

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