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Nowadays every woman wants to stand out in the crowd for her ravishing looks .She uses myriad tricks to enhance her beauty. Bleach does play very important role in adding a generous dose of beauty to one's skin. Bleach is the process in which unwanted facial hair is lightened by using certain chemical products. Bleach not only lightens your unwanted hair but also lightens your complexion.
But bleach is the process to be tried with much caution. It is necessary to remember some important things prior to using bleach on your face.
First test before using bleach

Everyone has a different skin tone and skin type .Before using bleach on your face apply bleach on your elbow or your palm to know if you are allergic to it. If you start feeling burning or itchy sensation after applying bleach on your elbow or palm ,then do not go for it.
How to prepare paste

While making paste mix a pinch of activator in the bleach cream in a non-metallic bowl. If you overdo it ,it may result in blotchy or burnt skin .Keep it firmly embedded in your mind that you have to follow every instruction. So no carelessness is allowed in the process of bleaching your face.
How to apply bleach

First clean your face before applying bleach. Apply bleach on your face in a downward motion avoiding eyes and your eyebrows areas.
Leave this paste on for only 10-15 minutes as per the direction given in the packet .Wipe with moist cotton pads .Follow with cold cream or moisturizer.
Benefits of bleaching the face
  • Bleach lightens the facial hair that lightens your complexion also.
  • Bleach helps to lighten dark spots , remove freckles and even out your complexion.
  • Bleach works best for the woman of dark skin to make her lighter.
  • Effect of bleach lasts up to 15-20 days.
Bleach according to your skin types
Milk bleach

Milk bleach is the best suitable for sensitive skin. It is made of milk powder .It does not harm your skin at all.Use this bleach with ammonia.
Soap flakes bleach

Those with oily skin have the problems of acne, pimples, and small eruptions. So it is advisable to use soap flakes bleach on oily skin .It is teeming with anti-bacterial properties. It is used as soap is used on the skin. It needs to be scrubbed on your face like a soap.
Aloevera bleach

This bleach is the best suitable for mature and aged skin .As the skin ages ,it starts to sag so it is not good to use much ammonia on loose skin .Otherwise ,it will result into wrinkles to sneak on your face faster giving you a parched skin more so.
Aloe vera bleach is good for wrinkled skin which keeps the moisture locked in your skin.
Oil based bleach

This bleach is good for dry skin as this bleach comes in crystal form that keeps the moisture balance in your skin .
Dead sea mineral is the only product in which oil bleach is used .It is a boon to dry and dull skin.

Side effects of bleach
  • If you overdo the use of activator in bleach, it can lead to burnt skin and eruptions on skin .
  • Do not keep bleach more than fifteen minutes .Otherwise, it will harm your skin .
  • Always remember ,bleach always runs the risk of harming your skin if not performed properly. So be careful.
  • Do not head out in the sun post bleach ,it can darken your skin more so .
  • Do not sit in the AC room after bleach as AC saps the moisture of your skin.
Tips to be noted while using bleach

  • If you had a facial , there is no need to bleach your face.
  • If you have light skin and not much facial hair .Then it is strictly advisable to use bleach on your face very rarely.
  • If you have pimples or bruise on the skin , then avoid bleaching your face.
  • Do not apply bleach around eyes .If you want to use around your eyes areas ,do it under the guidance of an experienced beauty expert only.
  • Do not use face wash or soap post bleach. Wash your face with normal water .It is mandatory to apply moisturizer right after bleach.
  • Do not bleach your face before the age of 20

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