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Nutritious and Healthy food

Healthy and nutritious food is very important for maintaining a good health. Healthy food involves, regular and timely food, juices, nuts, snacks and much more. A balanced diet, good food habits are essential for a healthy life.

In the normal course of life, we forget to take necessary nutrition that is required for our body and hence we tend to get into many life style diseases. It is very essential for a person to know and understand the benefits of nature's creation like fruits, vegetables, nuts,etc.

You can find useful articles on nutrition and health benefits of various fruits and vegetables. Read on and add these to your daily life. The value of food is more when it is taken in a systematic manner and also by understanding the benefits of every bite we take.

Custard Apple promotes digestion and cures diarrhoea also helps to reduce risks of colon cancer , prostrate cancer and lung cancer.
 Radishes and their green provides great source of Vitamin C and a powerful antioxidant. It has anti-inflammatory properties too.  Radish leaves are a good source of calcium.  Radishes contain cancer-protective properties.
 Chives are known for their beneficial effect on digestion and blood pressure. Chives are said to reduce the risk of several types of cancers.
Coconut is known for its anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Coconut oil forms the base of many Ayurvedic medicinal preparations. 
Cherries reduce pain and inflammation. Cherries are good source of many vitamins, minerals and are tasty to eat.
Plums lower age-related macular degeneration Plums are sweet, juicy and are a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2 and Potassium .

Spinach when cooked is a great source of calcium and iron. It is recommended for pregnant women in the first 3 months for its folic acid contents..
Beetroot is rich in potassium and fiber. Beetroots contains good amount of folate, potassium and manganese. They are less in calories and are effective in curing skin problems.
Cauliflower is good for heart and reduces the risk of cancer. Cauliflower is highly nutritious and is effective in curing many ailments. It is rich in foliate and is good for pregnant woman.
Musk melon is a tropical fruit which is been cultivated for a very long time. It is a rich source of vitamin 'C' and is effective in reducing body heat.
Cabbage helps cure ulcers and prevent colon cancer. Cabbage is a well known common vegetable. Its is low in calories and is long known for its healing properties.
Bitter Gourd is a tropical vegetable. It is a well known cure for diabetes
Avocado is rich in pottasium content. The fruit is also a good source of vitamins.

Papaya is a rich source of minerals and fibers. Papaya has high nutritional benefits. It is rich in Anti-oxidants, Minerals and Fibre. It also helps in Skin Treatments.
 Oats is a fiber food that cures constipation. Oats have some unique fatty acids and antioxidants which together with Vitamin E slow cell damage
Watermelon is highly refreshing during summer. It does not contain cholesterol and helps in eye sight also. 
Banana helps in the treatment of Depression, Anemia, Blood Pressure, Brain power, Constipation, etc.
Almond - Consumption of Almond lowers cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases and gives overall wellness
Egg is a healthy and nutritious food. Lecithin in eggs prevents the absorption of cholesterol of egg and other sources too

Calcium Builds Strong Bones. Get calcium from greens, beans, or fortified foods. Vitamin D controls your body's use of calcium
Mushrooms are rich in minerals, vitamin D (ergosterol), thiamin (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), dietary fibre as well as all the essential amino acids and are low in fat and calorie
Amla or Gooseberry has many nutritious benefits. The amla has been found to be the most abundant source of Vitamin C in the plant kingdom
"Experts agree the key to healthy eating is the time-tested advice of balance, variety and moderation. In short, that means eating a wide variety of foods without getting too many calories or too much of any one nutrient"

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