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Gym Equipments

Dumbells and Weight Bars

These are equipment with multi purpose such as arms and chest. They are available in different weights.
They are more powerful and results can be seen very soon. Whatever excercise you do with these equipment you have to do it very slowly for better results.

The best way to do it is exhale when you lift it up and inhale when you lift it down. This help the muscles to expand and get tightened.
Weight bars

Chest Butterfly 


Butterfly for chest

 These equipment is used to pump up and power your chest muscles. The more you add weight and you can do more the power you will have. Maximum weight you can have is up to (normally) 30Kg or even more.
All you have to do is to place your hand in the handle in L shape and press it across your chest.

For wings
Multi purpose equipment

The equipment shown is of multi purpose used for both chest and wings. For wings as you can see the bend shape bar on top of it. By adding weights you have get it down and release it up using both your hands in V shape.
By doing it so, you will have V shape in body because of your wings and broad back muscles.

Bench press

Bench Press

This is most important equipment for chest workout. It has a straight rod added weights on both sides placed on bench. You have to lie on that bench and lift up weight and lift down across your chest.

While doing you have to exhale when you lift it up and inhale when you lift it down.
Multi purpose pulleys.


This equipment is also used for multi purpose such as for wings, chest, tricep, biceps and shoulders.          
By using a hooks for you to hold on both side you can do for chest. You can use the bend bar on top for wings by pulling you up and down using your hand in V shape. On any one side you can do for biceps and triceps workouts.



These equipments are used to maintain your fit and healthy. Daily half an hour or one hour workout with these will help you to maintain your cholesterol level and blood circulation evenly throughout the body.
Elliptical Trainer
For athletes to maintain their power levels in thighs these equipments are very useful for them. Instead of practicing in roads daily you can have it in your home itself.


Slanting Beds

Slanting Bed                         

Incline Bed       
These beds are used for both abs and chest. For lower abs workout the elliptical bed is used and it can be used for chest workout such incline and dumbell press. These equipments will result in perfect shape of your abs and chest. Using Dumbells you can workout for your chest in L shape beds.

For Squat

Squat equipment are used for leg workouts. For upper leg to get tightened you have to sit half leg with the weight on  your shoulder just sit half leg and standup. It will help your thigh muscles to expand and get rigid.
You have to do it on either side such as weight your shoulder and or reverse weight on  your legs. 
Half leg squat press

Lower leg squat

 For abs

For upper abs workout you can sit on the L shape bed by raising the weight above your head using the bend rod which is placed across your chest. This will help you to have nice six abs. For better results you have to workout daily and diet practice too for Six abs. 
Lower abs hooks
Upper abs bed

For shoulders

Using dumbells you have many workouts for shoulder but machines will have greater results in short period of time. For muscles such as deltoids and trapezius to expand these equipments are very useful. Shoulder excercise should not be followed from any other excercise such chest or any it will result in failure results. But other excercise can be followed from shoulder. Either shoulder should be done first or done alone.
For arms
The best equipment for both triceps and biceps are ropes and rods. You can use rope both for triceps and biceps with careful precautions and ideas to do it. You can use rods also in slope bench for biceps works or above your shoulder for triceps.

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