Monday, February 20, 2012

Foods to have before workout!

1. You can have milk or energy drink before doing workout to do effectively.

 2. Proteins are most important to our body to increase strength, for that you have to eat more meats.
    More proteins will be available in meats and eggs which will help your muscles to grow more.

3.Protein powders are available you can before or after doing the exercise. The some of protein powders are whey protein, caesin protein, protein in soya beans and pea, eggs.

4.Essential fatty acids helps in various muscle functions. They are more in fishes such as salmon and trout fish.

5.Creatine powder are readily available, they are used to supply energy to the muscles and increase the brain activity.

6.Steroids are organic compound which are used to increase the protein synthesis and muscle power. But excessive dose will result in bad effects.

7. Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins. Protein powder are divided as amino acids in stomach and intestine for muscle supplements so any powder which are rich in amino acid can be had to increase the muscle power.

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