Thursday, March 22, 2012

Benefits of Workouts

Exercises are for following benefits,

1. To maintain your body weight in BMI (body mass Index) range.

        The more your workout, more the calories burn in your body, which will help reduce your obesity,
        you do not need to go to gym and workout, you can do any kind of physical activity such as washing
        your cloths, cleaning your rooms, etc.

2. To relax yourself after a stressful day.

           Physical activities or any workout will help you to keep your brain supplied with more energy
           which make you to feel happier and relaxed. Exercise is related to meditation which helps to maintain    your blood circulation and to feel energetic.

3. To increase your energy level.

Physical workout helps to deliver oxygen and nutritions to your muscles which helps your cardio system to function efficiently. When your heart and muscles functions well you can do more work and  survive in stressful situations.

4.  To stay away from diseases.

           Regular workout or physical activity will help you to prevent from high blood pressure, heart diseases
arthritis, cancer, diabetes etc. Maintain your blood circulation by workouts daily which reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases.

5. To have better sleep.

any struggling to sleep in nights can be overcome by workouts, which will help you fall asleep quick and get deepen and do not exercise near bedtime which will have more energy will not let you to sleep.

6. To entertain yourself.

Bored of doing same work daily, the best way to feel entertain and have a healthy life is workouts.
You can change your mind by workouts just diverting yourself in different way. It really works try it.

7. To enjoy your sex life.

Regular exercise will help you to feel energetic and look better, men workout daily are less likely to have problem with erectile dysfunction and for women regular physical activity will enhance arousal. So never to feel tired or shamed of your shape.

8. Reduces dying prematurely.

9. To feel psychologically well.

10.Reduces the colon cancer.

11.Helps old adults to feel young and energetic.

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