Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4 Simple exercise to avoid Back Pain

Although this back exercise plan is designed to improve the endurance of your stabilizing muscles, it's important to begin your workout by slowly flexing and extending your spine in small ranges of motion to prepare it for the moves that follow. Keep in mind, this exercise isn't a stretch. So don't push at the end of each movement.


This exercise forces you to work your entire abdominal muscle complex while keeping your lower back in its naturally arched position. The move minimizes stress on your spine while increasing the endurance of the muscles.

You'll work your lateral stabilizers-muscles that are crucial in ensuring that your spine is fully supported-by assuming a body position that puts them at a disadvantage and forces them to work harder than normal.

This exercise works your lower- and middle-back extensors-the muscles that help you bend backward-while producing half the stress on your spine that conventional back-extensor exercises such as the "Superman" (simultaneous leg and arm lifting) create.


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