Friday, March 30, 2012

Tips to quit smoking

We are here to provide some natural tips that helps you to quit smoking gradually,

Friends of Lung cancer

1. You can have herbal based chewing gum, diverting your mouth instead of smoking.

2. Another way in form of having herbal tea, which help you to quit smoking at the time you feel stressed and one more advantage is that herbs are loaded with proteins and vitamins which your body might be lost due to smoking.

3. Swimming practice will helps you to determine how much effects due to smoking happened in your health while controlling your breath while you swim.

4. In ancient times to quit smoking acupuncture treatment is used, which involves placing of needles on your nerves. Acupuncture is used to decrease the nervousness along with needed nicotine in our body.

5. Try to quit smoking naturally, although medicines are also available to quit smoking but it may side effects later a period of time.

6. Above all are just tips to quit smoking, before that we should make your mind set to not smoke ever.

Life is short So enjoy it in any other safest way....

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