Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tips to gain weight for lean bodies

Here are some tips which helps you to have a great mass body,

1. Drink plenty of water as much as you can per day.

2. Weight lifting practice will help you to develop your muscle, workout will dehydrate your muscle, but you should drink more water.

3. You can supplement like creatine, whey protein, meal replacement powder etc...but don't have these things without counselting any experts or health fitness doctors.

4. Try to have more food which gives you more calories and protein which are helpful in building the muscles.

5. Try to increase the intake of essential fatty acids and not saturated fatty acids rich in foods and meats.

6.Stop all your fitness aerobics exercise which make you even more lean and take ample of rests.

7. Don't do weight lifting regularly throughout a week. You should only three or four times per week, its must to build new muscles.

8. Be serious and concentrate on building your muscles don't feel distressed. Its all for you and not for anyone.

9.Reduce your daily activities or works to little amount not fully or half and take ample of rest and feel so relaxed.

10. To gain muscle, you should have defiency in any vitamins levels so if you are in need you can take multi vitamin tables.

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