Tuesday, July 26, 2016

To Do Bodybuilding Without Supplements

Bodybuilding without taking any supplements is possible unless you are not in bodybuilding competitions. But to have shapes and cuts like an bodybuilder without supplements can be obtained through regular meal diet plan and regular workouts. The diet plan should include carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats,vitamins  and minerals. I am also bodybuilder who haven't used any supplement or protein shake till now and i was able to maintain good shape. I used to take more rice,eggs,Mutton Leg Soup,fruits and 2 hours of workout in a day. If you are interested in bodybuilding  but not interested in participating any competitions then you can try below diet plan which i used to follow, 

In initial stages of bodybuilding, 

You need to have high carbs, proteins rich food in order to get the muscle and power to do the workouts. I had rice with potatoes three times in a day but it may be too high for some
so the actual plan could be, 
Morning Breakfast - Two eggs, 4-5 Idly or 3 chappati so that your breakfast will have both carbs and protiens.

After two hours of breakfast, have fruit salads which includes all fruits to have essential vitamins and minerals. 

For Lunch, have limited rice with more fresh vegetables like carrots, onions, cucumber etc and few pieces of boiled chicken and eggs. 

After two hours of lunch, try any fresh fruit juices or fruit salad again. 

Evening will be my workout time, I do it for two hours and drink more water during the workout. You can do your workout anytime in a day. 
Before going for workout have a banana and a glass of milk. 

After workout, I used to have Mutton Leg soup with boiled egg Which helps in increasing the body strength and stamina.

For Dinner, you can have 2 chappati or 3 Idly and a glass of milk. 

After following this diet, you may feel the difference in your muscles starts growing as result of workout and diet followed.  This is bulking phase in initial bodybuilding. Try to do workouts with more weights and less reps in this phase. Plan it like one muscle per day workout. And all parts of muscle should be trained without any deformities. All muscle workout are available in this blog. 
In this Bulking phase, you can't see any cuts in your muscle which could be made in cutting phase of bodybuilding. 

In cutting phase, need to change your diet plan and workout method. 

Diet plan should now shouldn't include carbs and fats. Below is the diet plan which I have followed for cuts and six pack,

Morning when you wake up have 1 ltr of water in an empty stomach and After 20 mins,  a glass of Warm Lemon water

Breakfast - 5-6 Wheat Bread with peanut butter or with Cheese

After 2 hours - Fresh fruit juices like cucumber, papaya, guava or carrot

Lunch - Boiled chicken breast pieces,boiled egg white with vegetables like onion,carrot,cucumber etc. which burns fat and reduces weight. 

After 2 hours - Fruit Salad, mix of papaya, guava, watermelon, grapes etc to get all essential vitamins and minerals.

Dinner - Any fiber foods likes chappati or wheat bread with peanut butter of cheese. 

After each and every meal, have three glass of water.  Minimum you should have 4-5 ltrs of water in  day to increase body metabolism and burn more fat. 

Workout Method for cutting phase is that with medium weight have to do more reps as we can. With this diet and workout method, you can start seeing the shape and cuts you waited for, which makes you an bodybuilder. But not all bodybuilder follow natural supplements since it takes more time to get the muscles and be fit naturally. And I have never heard any bodybuilder won any competitions without taking supplements.   

The above diet plan may not work on some body health. I suggest you to follow your physical trainer diet suggestion. Below is me and I have doing bodybuilding for past 5 years. Do not afraid of the myth that you can't do gym without supplements, we can. Join any gym near your and enjoy workout. 


Kane said...

Great info. I agree, it is possible to build muscle without supplements if you're discipline with your diet. Thanks.

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Anna Schafer said...

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Endang Kusumastuti said...

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