Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tips to Overcome Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD)

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder of one who admires himself/herself more on their appearance, value or money etc. affecting them mentally and their relationship with others. Mostly men are affected than women. Like to share some of its symptoms and cure for it. And do not consider yourself that you have NPD until confirmation by an psychotherapist.


  • Expecting yourself to be recognized by everyone without any achievements or being good. 
  • Picturing yourself as the most beautiful person having unlimited success and powers. As unique in world. 
  • Taking advantage of others to show off yourself. 
  • Taking more selfies and expecting more likes on it. 
  • Being more arrogant,possessive and showing attitudes in relationship

The above symptoms are common for any human being, but some people have more of these which is considered to be having NPD. 
Do not consider yourself to be an NPD person until its confirmed by an psychiatrist.

To Overcome NPD, 

  •  You can recover yourself gradually by changing your behaviours, attitudes towards everthing by being with your friend or the one who loves you the most.
  •  If you are an selfie freak, then stop taking more photos of yourself by using cameraless gadgets.
  •   Involve yourself in many group therapy activities which helps you shaping your personality. 
  •  Try practising meditation and spend more time with your friends. 
  •  Avoid being shy, hiding feelings which simply kills you. Be free and ready to face any. 
  •  If you couldn't recover by yourself, better consult psychotherapist immediately. 

Be yourself if it doesn't hurt yourself and enjoy life! 

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