Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Best Healthy Breakfast

Skipping your breakfast affects your body metabolism, weight, mental stress and mood swings. Spend atleast 10 mins for breakfast, it will boosts your full day!There are few best healthy breakfast  i like to share  which you can make it in your home itself, won't cost you much time and money.

Oatmeal/Cornflakes - helps in reducing blood cholestrol level, provides omega 3 fatty acids good for eyes, folate an B Vitamin which has health benefits on pregnancy, heart attack, cancer etc. Potassium helps in kidney disorders, anxiety and stress.

Bananas - helps to overcome depression, protects from muscle cramps, prevents from blood pressure, aids in digestion and heart attack. An simple and healthy breakfast!

Eggs - One of the cheapest and healthiest food for breakfast. They are rich in protein, nutrients, raises good cholesterol. You can have 3 eggs per day max. Beyond that depends on type of physical work you do in a day. 

Chapati (Roti) - Boosts your health with  vitamins and minerals like magnessium, phosphorous
potassium, calcium and iron. Offers sustained energy levels and also an perfect weight loss diet if its made without oil. 

Never Skip Breakfast otherwise life will be fast, think about it!

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