Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tips to overcome skin imprints due to tight outfits

Wearing tight cloths looks sexy but leads to skin damage and other health issues.Need to look hot and young but not at cost of our health.Below are some of the consequences of wearing tight outfits. 

Effects of tight dress:  

Wearing extremely tight inner wears and outfits to look slim regularly leads to problems in  breathing and digestion process.

Tight jeans compress nerve on thighs results in common nerve disorders known as Meralgia Paresthetica. 

Low waist skinny tight jeans compresses our back muscles and causes back pain. 

Yeast Infection - Skin tight dress prevents circulation of air which leads to production of yeast. Yeast causes itching on our skin and embarrassing situations. 

Remedy tips: 

Throw off your tight clothes and start doing workouts to look fit & healthy. Wear medium or loose outfits. 

Wash the imprinted areas with lukewarm water to avoid dehydration in skin. 

Do not itch the affected area more which could results in wounds. Get in touch with a skin specialist and apply skin antibiotics.

 Start using skin healthy soaps prescribed by your skin specialist.

Have bath twice a day to avoid bacterial infections on skin. 

Wear medium loose clothes always which helps in curing imprints in long run. 

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