Monday, August 27, 2012

Diet tips to lose weight

Following a healthy diet will help you to reduce weight, but to follow it is may be hard for everyone! Only a strong determination to lose weight will make you to follow the diet tips! The following diet tips are only for those who are obese, overweight and above BMI range.

If you are a worker, don't have any time to workout, then you can go for daily food diet schedule,

First to start with breakfast - do not try to skip your breakfast, it will give you negative results. A breakfast should include proteins, whole grains and healthy fruits. The best choice will be wheat toast (chappati), whole grain cereals, eggs and yoghurt! 

For lunch - as you wish, but avoid fatty and fried foods and snacks! You can also go for  veggie sandwich, rice,  some green vegetables, chickens, fresh fruits, low fat foods, etc. But try to reduce the amount of food, instead you can go for fresh juices and fruits!

Then at dinner - it should include carbohydrates, proteins and fats! The best diet for dinner will be half plate rice, few pieces of chicken and vegetables, and it should it be on dietary amount!

In this daily schedules, avoid junk and fast foods, you can go for healthy snacks with balanced protein and carbohydrates! peanut butter, popcorn, veggies, cottage cheese etc. 

Try to have green tea, - it has more benefits for your health and to  avoid side effects and maintain all energy levels during these diet schedules! It also aids in weight loss!

Above following healthy diet, if you have any holidays or in sundays, go for jogging at least half an hour, it will burn more calorie as you increase the jogging distance.

If you can't able to follow any diet schedules above, 
  • then go for jogging daily morning and evening each half an hour, 
  • avoid junk and fatty foods.
  •  Having wheat toast for breakfast and dinner.
This may help you. The more you concentrate, determine and workout, more the result will be!

Overweight or obese for some may be by hereditary or congenital, which can't be reduced like others, but it can be controlled by following healthy diets and its important for them to have a regular check on their weights!

There are also weight loss surgeries are done, but only if you are over obese!

Following the diet and workout, may be hard to keep up and to follow it daily, but it will help you to have the desired physique. Give it a try!

        If you change your physique, it will change your lifestyle! 

                           Have a Healthy and Fitty life!


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