Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tips To Become Fair Naturally

                   To protect skin from sunburns,our immune system develops an element called melanin.When this melanin produced more skin becomes darks. During summer days its better to avoid going out under hot sun. Here are some natural tips to control this melanin and make skin fairer. Before following these measures consult with  skin specialist to test your skin healthiness.

* Wash your face regularly for every 3 hours to prevent dust accumulation and avoid scrubbing,picking pimples. 

 *  Drink more water at least 2 litres per day and have 7-8 hours of sleep. Include more fruits in your diet.

 *  Try applying or scrubbing your face with juice of any of these fruits like lemon, potato or tomato regularly which helps in enhancing skin tone gradually. 

 *  A Mixture of lemon juice and cucumber helps in toning oily skin. 

 *  To lighten the scars on your skin, try applying fresh coconut water on them which fades the scars effectively.

 *  To lighten tone on dry skin, try applying a mixture of honey and cucumber juice regularly. 

 *  Apply a mixture of banana and milk on your face regularly which shows instant results over a week. 

 * Try applying a mixture of raw milk and rose water on your skin before going to sleep. it will enhance skin tone gradually. 

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