Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tips to reduce hand pain from computer works

Working with computers using keyboards for more than 8 hours a day makes your hand, body and brain more stressful! they need some relaxation and pain reliever to work more. Here are some simple to aid and avoid hand pain in working with computers! 

1. Place your computer at height without paining your backbone and looking at it comfortably! Leave some rest for your fingers instead of typing fast at a stretch. Buy a mouse that fits your palm rightly without any disturbance!  

2. Weekly once or twice do oil massage for your hands and fingers to relax its bones and muscles. 

3. In between working do stretching exercise for your arms and forearms to stretch its muscles to avoid muscle ache! Bend your left hand fingers at 90 degree using your right hand and similarly for right hand fingers using your left hand, it will stretch your forearm muscles! 

4. Use muscle relaxant sprays or ice packs to reduce pain and have some rest! 

5. Sitting infront of computer for long hours not only pains your hand but also indirectly affect your body health, eyes, back pain. etc. Split your work timings and have regular gaps atleast five minutes per hour will aid everything! Go for any vacation once in a month and refresh your mind. 

6. If the pain is more leading to redness and wounds needs medical attention in initial stages itself! 

Live a healthy and fitty life! 

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