Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tips to have beautiful lips

Cracked and black lips spoiling your beauty and makes you to feel depressed. Here are some natural ways to have smooth and good looking lips! 

1. Keep your lips always hydrated by wetting it using your mouth or using any lip creams to aid it. Drink plenty of water daily it also helps your overall health. 

2. Stop smoking, it makes your lips go darker and rough. And we also know smoking causes cancer and kills our lungs slowly. 

3. Vitamin B deficiency leads to cracked lips. Include lots of milk, eggs, meat products, cheese, nuts, pulses, fish, bananas and whole grains to help boost your vitamin B levels.

4. Make a mixture of equal parts of tomato paste and heavy cream, and apply to lips daily to add pink color to lackluster lips. The red color of tomatoes will be transferred to the skin of your lips. Maintain the pink glow of your lips by mixing red rose petals and heavy cream and applying this coloring to your lips. You also can apply beet root juice to naturally add pink pigmentation to your lips.

5. Apply lemon juice or piece of lemon  over the lip skins once in a day, helps you to smooth your lips. You can also use Vaseline for lips before bed.

6. To turn dark lips into pink -   A mixture of lime juice and almond
 oil,  Apply it on your lips everyday and when it gets dries then wash with cold water. And also go for aloe vera gel, apply it on your lips will also gives you good results. 

Avoid foods and anything that cause allergic reactions to your lips. Go for alternative things to replace it. Careful on kissing something that may inject any foreign body into your lips and causes bad results. 

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