Monday, December 31, 2012

Stop hangover

Feeling hard, confused and headache when you wake up after a alcoholic night leads to hangover! Its due to dehydration since excessive urination decreases fluid contents and dries it. But there are ways to overcome hangover and to keep yourself hydrated. 

1. Avoid drinking with empty stomach, it affects the stomach lining. And drink more water before and after drinking compensating with urination. Avoid cocktails, stay with single drink and drinking more than an hour. 

Home remedies for hangover

2. Go for a lemon tea  or ginger tea will give you quick relief from hangover and kills unwanted junks in stomach and also controls the sugar level blood. Its one of the best option you can go for..! 

3. Chew peppermint leaves or you can make it into tea by boiling the leaves in water. 

4. Have some banana or apples in empty stomach and more water will help you to start your day. 

5. Exercise daily, do some warm up exercises to overcome hangover and keeps you healthy and fit always. 

6. A glass of tomato juice with lots of pepper in it and you can also have eggs to overcome hangover and more proteins. 

7. Increase the intake of vitamin C by consuming more citrus fruits to prevent hangovers. 

Above all drinking is not good for health, you may be tired of hearing it in many places but no other ways to say its bad as you know! Its hard to stop drinking at once since every time when we do something a new connection will be established in our brain and when you continue it, the connection becomes stronger affects you both physically and mentally but you can follow some precautionary to limit its effects by drinking with foody stomach and in less amount. 

Enjoy drinking safely and live an happy life! Do not give up your life for a happy feeling only for a while by your friend! 

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