Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips to treat premature graying of hair

Premature graying of hair not only affects your hair also your mental behavior with others and stress. More stress will also add more hair loss. Graying for is may be due to lack of essential vitamins and nutritious supplement to hair. There are some simple home remedy treatments to treat it!

1. Should include iron, iodine, proteins and vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin B for healthy hair in your daily diet. Have banana, carrots, fish,eggs, fresh fruits and more green vegetables. 

2. Indian gooseberry is often considered as an effective natural remedy for premature graying. Cut gooseberry into pieces and dry them in the sun. Make dried gooseberry pieces into powdered form and mix with coconut oil. Apply this mixture in the scalp regularly! 

3. Use coconut oil regularly for hair to avoid drying of hair. Have a oil massage or protein conditioner, apply direct egg yolk on hair before bath for 5-10 min and wash with light heat water. 

4.Use fresh leaves of amaranth vegetable and blend to obtain the leaf extract. Apply the leaf extract on the hair scalp for restoring the natural hair color. 

5. Grey hair may let others to think you as old! but do not have to worry, it just an disorder can be treated with regular medical attention. Avoid stress and having inferiority complex, will add additional hair loss. 

6. Avoid using synthetic hair dyes, coloring, hair dryer, etc, instead go for natural hair dyes which promotes  hair growth. Egg yolks, coconut oil, aloe vera, neem oil etc for effective healthy black hair! 
Above all, grey hair also looks trendy! 


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