Friday, November 23, 2012

Refreshing yogasanas to relieve stress

Stressed of working for hours, need to get refreshed! These yoga poses will help you to feel refreshing, it does not require any procedure or any equipment, you can do these anywhere at anytime you need! 

Deep Breathing - sit back in comfortable position, have deep breathing for 5-10 breaths by inhaling and exhaling slowly for 5 min. It will refresh your brain with new supply of bloods. 

Shoulder stretch - Sit with crossed legs, lock your fingers, raise your arms above your head and palms facing upwards. Hold these position for 2-3 min with controlled breathing, to relax your shoulder muscles. 

Extend your right hand straight, now holding the biceps of right hand using your left hand, and gently push the right hand towards your chest! Now do the same for your left hand using your right hand!

Eagle arms - keep your arms parallel to the floor, bend elbows and cross your arms in front of your head perpendicular to floor. Both hands should look like twisted together like threads. 

Cobra pose - lie face down on the floor, push your upper body off the ground and press your palms on floor! Hold your breath in this position for 2-3 min and relax.  It will stretch your back muscles and strengthen your arms and abs muscle. 

Forward bend pose - stand straight with hands elbows bend and folded together. Bend your upper body towards the ground! Its also relax your back muscles and helps to increase your height! 

Sleeping pose - to give complete relaxation to all parts your body, lie flat with your back on ground keeping your arms and legs placed wide and relaxed. Be in it for 3-5 min and get back! 

The Success of each pose is in doing it in right form in perfect direction and doing it slowly with controlled breathing. It will control you mentally to do any work with less tension. Start your days with these simple moves! Have a brisky and pleasant day! 

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