Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bodybuilding Natural Supplement While Doing Workout

There will be depletion in energy levels when we workout for long hours. Muscle needs proteins to get energised and pumped. The essential supplements which we need during workout are electrolytes, Amino acids and carbohydrates. Natural ways to get this supplements is, having enough water during each and every workout to get electrolytes, increase  metabolism to digest everything and burns skin fat which helps in getting shred look. 

For Energy during workout, have a one or two raw egg whenever you feel tired which gives you the branched chain amino acids build by proteins helps in muscle growth.  Boiled Chicken breast will also be an good option during workout. If going for heavy weights, you need carbs for building the muscle which could be supported by having  boiled potato or white rice in between the workout, mostly this will be concentrated on pre and post workout diets. 

The diet plan during workout is start with having one raw egg and in between the workouts have more water. During the workout if you feel more tired have a cup of mutton leg soup with an boiled egg. 

Do not have more rest between the sets in workout. Max of 30 -40 secs will be best so that the muscle could feel the pump. How long you should workout in a day depends on 

individuals and their training program. These during workout diet will  cost less.

Try and Enjoy Bodybuilding!!


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