Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gym Precautionary

Essential precautions to be followed before going to gym

1. Don't have food fully before doing any exercise.Only energy drink is needed for you to do.

 2. Avoid hot drinks and other drugs.

3.Wear always very loose shirts or any others as you wish but should not be tight.

4. Wear hand gloves specially made for gym purposes.

5.Wear sport shoes or any other shoes as you wish.

6.Don't do any exercise without any advise from gym master.
7.Concentrate while you  exercise on the part of muscles you are working out.

8.Handle the weights properly. There should equal weights on both side of the rods.

9.Before going to start workout have a warm up.

10.Follow the Diet regularly.

11. Do exercise for very part of your muscles.

12.Do not take rest too long while you are workout.

 13.For any exercise do it slowly by inhaling and exhaling the  breath.

14.Do not play with gym equipments.

15.Always take bath after you workout to keep  yourself clean.

16.Exercise daily do not have long gap.

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