Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tips to come out of Mental Stress

Busy Life, don't have time to look at the beauty of things around us. we focus on only one thing which is
important at the moment and when we see any problem or lose it, suddenly we feel alone, lost everything in the world.
It leads to irritation, temper, headache, mind keeps thinking of the consequences and pain keeps hurting each minute.
I suggest no medication for these problem unless you can't come out using tips below.

Tips -

  * you can't change what happened in past, but your action now can change the future. So, just let it all go and be free for a while till you feel better.
  * you can beat the mental stress by physically stressing yourself in gym.

  * Plan for a Trip to most beautiful places in the world with your close friend or alone also if you feel good. I suggest plan it with your friends.

  * Share your problem with your friends or mom/dad. Problems and paintings are same, differs on views.

  * Music changes any mood. Listen to your favourite song and dance crazy.

  * Think of changes you can have in your life, a diversion to make things easy. Pain still lingers in heart but its time to learn how to survive with pain and
not about quitting it.

I come out of my stress, through music, gym and friends. Peace of mind is more important to live a happy and cool life.
Will share if i have any new tips. Time to look for yourself!

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